Figoroska, a sweet, zingy, delicious vodka and figs cocktail

If you know me you know how much I enjoy a good cocktail … we are big fans of caipi ‘o clock in our house and since we had a lot of figs I decided to spice the classic up a little bit and try something new… a figoroska! a sweet, zingy, delicious vodka and figs cocktail.

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I used Sipsmith vodka because I thought its sweet vanilla-ish taste would go perfect with the figs and Oh,boy was I right… I like Sipsmith spirits, they are London based plus we had a great time when we visited their distillery a few years ago!

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Here’s how to make it.

3 / 4 figs

Juice of 1 ½ lemons

1 ½ spoons of sugar



In a cocktail shaker, muddle the figs, lemon and sugar. Then add vodka to your taste.

Shake and pour over ice in a tumbler glass.

Garshish with a few slices of fig and voila, you’ve got yourself a figoroska.


You can adjust the recipe to your taste with more or less sugar or you can also add a splash of sparkling water if you don’t want it too strong.


I know this is not the classic way to prepare a caipiroska with all that shaking and stuff, but when we muddled the figs straight in the glass it made it a bit tricky to drink after with all that skin and bits. If you don’t want the cocktail to have any bits at all , you can pass it through a cheesecloth or a thin colander after muddling it.


Needless to say there are no more figs in the house and our brand new bottle of vodka is going to need a replacement soon 😉 .


Happy weekend !


Sofia x





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