Oreo & Vanilla Ice cream sandwiches

So, the other day I was with a friend sharing old times stories and for some reason Oreo ice cream sandwiches sneaked into the conversation and I had an instant crave for them ! so, I thought, why not make my own… it shouldn’t be that hard… and you know, it’s actually pretty easy to make! It does take a few hours with all that freezing and setting, but definitely worth the wait!

The recipe makes about 5 sandwiches .

For the biscuits you’ll need :

2 pack of oreo biscuits

2 / 3 spoons of milk

For the sandwich biscuits, I started by putting one pack of oreos in the food chopper until they are finely chopped. Transfer that to a bowl and mix in 2 spoons of milk until a tick sticky paste forms. Chop the other pack of oreos and add that to the sticky mix. You should have a ticker mix, like cookie dough., if the mix is too dusty, add a little bit more of milk, but you don’t want to too milky or else the biscuits won’t hold.

Cover a flat tray with baking paper and transfer the “dough “ , put another baking paper on top and with a rolling pin , straighten it until it’s about 5mm thick. Place in the freezer for about 10 min .

After that, with a round cutter make the biscuits and put them back in the freezer.

*tip : you can re use the scraps to make more circles, just let them get to room temperature and do the same step until to use all the dough.

And now for the Ice cream .  This is the easiest and most delicious vanilla ice cream I’ve had in a long time !

2/3 of whole fat milk

1 small double cream pot ( 284ml )

6 tablespoons golden caster sugar granulated

1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

optional : vanilla pods from 1 stick.

In a bowl, mix all the ingredients and stir well. Turn on the ice cream machine and pour the mix into the bowl of the ice cream maker and make according to the manufacturers instructions.

Leave the ice cream in the freezer for 1 hour before making the sandwiches. Then leave it for at least another hour to freeze until they are hard  and enjoy !! : )

If you want it to be extra naughty, you can serve it a bowl with warm chocolate sauce and nuts. 😉


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