Coconut ice cream

Summer is finally here and that means it’s officially ice cream season ! (Although it’s always ice cream season in our house! ). This year I decided to get an ice cream maker so that we can enjoy homemade ice creams and try some unusual flavors! We got an Andrew James Ice Cream Maker and so far it’s been great, although I have only use it 2 times .

There are so  many flavors we want to make but for our first try we decided to for a classic and favorite in our home : Coconut Ice Cream.

For this you’ll need :

–       1 cup of milk

–       1 big can of coconut cream ( 400ml )

–       1 ½ cups of double cream ( heavy cream in America )

–       desiccated coconut or sweet coconut flakes

–       icing sugar  (optional )

Mix in a blender the milk and the coconut cream, then add the double cream and the flakes. Taste and if you like it sweeter add some icing sugar to taste.

If you don’t like having bits of coconut on the ice cream you can mix it with the milk. Simply bring it to boil and simmer for 10/15 min; then pass it through a sieve . You’ll have wait until it’s cold to mix it with the creams.

Put the mix into the bowl of the ice cream maker and make according to the manufacturers instructions and enjoy!

Keep an eye on the blog as I’ll be posting more recipes soon!

Sofia x


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