Breakfast treats : best pancakes ever !


I love pancakes, I mean who doesn’t? When I was little my dad used to take me for pancakes on the weekends to VIP’s , a restaurant in Madrid,  and now I bribe my daughter with pancake breakfast if she lets me sleep in on Sundays 😉  ( and by sleep in I mean sleep past 8am ! )

This is the probably the easiest recipe you’ll find to make the most delicious pancakes and all you need is :

1 cup of self rising flour

1 cup or milk

1 egg

I don’t add sugar to the batter but if you have an extra sweet tooth you can add a little bit, or even chocolate chips or berries.

All you need to do is crack the egg in a bowl and whisk it with the milk, then add the flour slowly. I use a hand mixer but you can use a whisk too.

Put some light olive oil or butter on a pan and add some batter ( I use a big spoon for this due to previous slippery hand-full bowl of batter falling in the kitchen- incident.. live and learn people, live and learn ; ) ) . Cook it until little bubbles appear on the surface and the bases are golden and flip them.

And voila ! you’ve made the best pancakes!

These pancakes are best consumed with tons of golden or maple syrup !

I took this photos as part of one of my assignments from the food styling course I’m doing. I had so much fun creating this huge tower and my family really enjoyed eating them all later 😉


Happy weekend every one


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  • Sarah Doherty - I needed to make pancakes after seeing your tasty photos! always used plain flour before, loved them. delicious! thanks. xReplyCancel

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