Blog about me

“ A big table full of good food and drinks surrounded by friends and family, that’s what happiness is for me”

Hi! I’m Sofia !

What can I say about me ? I was born in Madrid, Spain and when I was in my mid teens I moved to Argentina with my family where I eventually started working in advertising and event productions. When I was in my early twenties I had the amazing opportunity of working in NY for a film production company which then led me to move back to Spain and finish my film studies and then work for an international tv production company.

Communications has always been part of my live, I love visual and creative arts but photography is my biggest passion and now I’m lucky to say that It’s also my full time job.

I love good food. I love eating it and preparing it; and of course taking lots of photos of it!

I’m also a mum of a lovely little girl.

In my dream life, I would live in a big house in the country with my partner and daughter and a dog and a cat ( because he loves dogs and she’s my little crazy cat lady ) and big garden with lots of flowers and an allotment; travelling all around the world, discovering new places and taking photos. When we are not traveling we’ll be doing lots of crafts and homemade stuff in our converted greenhouse or tree house in the garden!

Random things about me :

  • I’m a coffee addict. I love going to nice places and enjoy a nice coffee, strong and not too hot!
  • I’m a super foodie, always have been and I can’t help it. I love good food and everything around it, specially going to markets , but I don’t really eat spicy food.
  • I make really good cocktails. ( or so I’ve been told )
  • I’m a hopeless romantic.
  • I’m addicted to stationary and scrapbooking, stickers, notebooks ( the list is never ending )
  • I love 80’s music and video clips, specially power ballads and singing them in the car ( even though my singing is terrible!

If you want to know more you can head over to my other blog, Running Barefoot, where I write about all my adventures as well as my photography and other projects.